11 inch walnut with cherry rim


11 inch Locust with liming wax finish


9 inch walnut and spalted maple


7 in. x 7 in. southwest motif with cherry, walnut, maple, rosewood and epoxy resin features.


Cherry Burl in epoxy resin


7 1/4 in. red cedar


9 1/2 in. Locust


8 1/2 in Ambrosia Maple


10 in. x 9 in open segment vase with maple, walnut and rosewood


16 in. Flaming Boxelder Platter


15 in Walnut Platter


10 1/4 in Open Segment Fruit Bowl with Cherry, Purple Heart and Walnut


9 1/4 in Vortex Bowl with Cherry, Walnut, Purple Heart, Maple and Rosewood


11 1/2 in. Vortex Bowl

Walnut, Maple, Purple Heart. Rosewood, Yellow Heart, Mahogany


7 in Camphor Wood Bowl



Walnut Wedding Chalice

with captive rings


10 in. Cherry Burl



12 in. Flower Vase

Maple and Walnut


8"x8" southwest motif vase of maple, rosewood, purple heart, bubinga, and

epoxy resin diamond features


Celtic Wedding Goblets

The tradition of Celtic wedding goblets dates back to the 17th century.


The story goes that a young man fell in love with a young woman and he carved them a goblet with two captive rings out of a single piece of wood. They toasted from the goblet on their wedding day, and every following anniversary. They believed that as long as the two rings remained intact that their love would blossom.


A truly romantic tale. These two rings symbolize unity and eternity. 

River Bend Bowls

Peter Simard