RIVER BEND BOWLS provides a wide variety of high quality turned wood pieces. These range from functional maple salad bowls to captive ring wedding chalices. Segmented turnings are a specialty and can vary from southwest design decorative pieces to 12 inch open segment fruit bowls. Highly finished hors d'oeurve platters of a variety of wood species are also available.  Each piece is individually designed and crafted. The pieces shown can be purchased as available or reproduced to order. 


We began producing these pieces in a small shop in the southwest Maine town of Cornish on a bend in the Ossipee River. We are currently turning in a somewhat more sophisticated facility in Gloucester Mass. 


Perhaps you have an old beloved tree in your yard that has passed its useful life and needs to be removed.  Let us know and we will salvage a piece of it and produce a work of art that you can display as a remembrance of the living tree. 


Pieces take between several hours to several weeks to complete, depending on the complexity of the design. We can be contacted through the web site, by e-mail or phone. 

Thanks to Alexandra Gallant for her patience with me and website design skills, and to Dianne Aiello Gardner for her beautiful photography